Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome the Braze Themes Acceptable Use Policy

1. Hi, and welcome to Braze Themes!  We work hard to provide a dynamic and continually updated database of themes, templates and other useful products for web designers, web developers and online business owners. 

2. In this Acceptable Use Policy, we’ll be going over a few important terms and conditions with regard to how our products and services can and cannot be use. By visiting the Braze Themes website and/or making use of any of the products or services we provide, you confirm your consent to all terms and conditions set out in this document.

3. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with any of the conditions outlined in this document, you are forbidden from accessing the Braze Themes website and must not place any orders for our products.  Should you require clarification of any of the information in this Acceptable Use Policy, please contact a member of the Braze Themes team before using our website. 

4. Throughout this Acceptable Use Policy, we’ll be referring to Braze Themes as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘the company.’  All references to you (i.e. the customer) will refer to ‘you’ or ‘the customer’ – or any variation thereof.

5.  Please note that Braze Themes reserves the right to amend or add to the terms outlined in this document at any time and without providing notice.  It is the responsibility of the customer to visit this document on a regular basis, in order to ensure their ability to understand and comply with all terms and conditions set out. 

6. The terms outlined in this Acceptable Use Policy are correct as of November 24, 2020

Acceptable Use of Our Products and Services

7. The themes, templates and products available via the Braze Themes website are designed to help web designers and online business owners create more attractive, functional and appealing websites exclusively for legal purposes.

8. Upon placing an order with Braze Themes, the customer confirms that they have nothing but 100% legal and ethical intentions for the themes and templates they purchase.

9. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their intended purpose for the themes and templates purchased is both legal and considered morally/ethically acceptable in their jurisdiction.

10. Under no circumstances will Braze Themes accept any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any negative consequences that may occur, in the event that the themes and templates we sell are used for illegal or immoral purposes.

11. The same also applies to the information and general content published on the Braze Themes website, which likewise must be used exclusively for 100% legal and ethical purposes – without exception.

12. If you require further clarification regarding how, when, where and by whom our products and services can and should be used, contact a member of the team at Braze Themes anytime.

What Braze Themes Considers Unacceptable Use

13. Braze Themes expects and demands that all our website visitors and customers exercise common sense when determining how and where our product should be used in a legal, moral and ethical way. 

14. It is not possible to publish a completely exhaustive list of all examples of use considered unacceptable.  However, Braze Themes strictly prohibits the use of our products or services for the creation, promotion or publication of any of the following:

  1. Adult content: Under no circumstances should our themes and templates be used for websites or online resources that feature any type of sexual activity or nudity, or promote the use of escort agencies or similar services.
  2. Exploitation of children: This extends to all types of media and content that may be harmful to children or encourage the harmful behaviour of others.
  3. Hate speech: Enabling, encouraging or promoting hate speech or discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity is strictly prohibited by Braze Themes.
  4. Incitement of violence: Our themes and templates must not be used to incite violence, aggression or offensive behaviour of any kind in any individual or group of individuals.
  5. Harassment: Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated by Braze Themes – our products must not be used in a way that enables, promotes or justifies harassment of any kind.
  6. Defamation: Defamation law varies from one jurisdiction to the next, but at Braze Themes is considered anything that may be seen as derogatory, insulting, unfair or is published with the intention of harming another person’s reputation.
  7. Copyright and third-party intellectual property: Under no circumstances must our products or services be used to infringe upon the copyrights of other people or businesses, or to use the intellectual property of anyone else without their express authorisation.
  8. Offensive content: Content that may be deemed offensive for any reason must not be published, promoted or shared using the website themes and templates available at Braze Themes.
  9. Fraudulent and criminal activities: We take a strong stand against all types of fraud, financial crime and general criminal activities conducted online. Our themes and templates must not be used for any kind of activity that is illegal in the jurisdiction of the person using it or their target audience.

15. Braze Themes also forbids the use of our products and services for the creation, development, promotion or otherwise of any websites or online services that provide access to regulated/controlled goods and services, such as drugs, weapons, gambling in jurisdictions where it is illegal and escort services.

16. You must also not use our themes and templates to create, publish or share content which in any way condones any of the illicit, immoral or unethical activities detailed above.  Even if you yourself are not breaking any laws, supporting or condoning illegal and unethical activity is expressly forbidden when using the products and services of Braze Themes.

17.  The customer also acknowledges, understands and accepts that under no circumstances is it acceptable to:

  1. Use the products and services of Braze Themes as a means to gain unauthorized access to third-party networks and computer systems for any purpose.
  2. Conduct extensive modifications to the themes and templates provided by Braze Themes with the intention of subsequently using them for illegal or immoral activities.
  3. Resell the products and services of Braze Themes to those who may have the intention of are using them in a manner considered unacceptable.
  4. Use our themes and templates as the basis to collect private information from people without their consent, irrespective of intended subsequent use.
  5. Use our themes and templates in any manner that may impact the reputation and credibility of Braze Themes, whether deliberately or otherwise.

18. Please be aware that Braze Themes will take legal action against anyone who is found to have used (or be using) any of our products for any purpose we consider to be unethical, immoral or potentially illegal.

19. Upon breaching any of the terms set out in this document, you will be considered to have violated our Acceptable Use Policy and will no longer benefit from any protections afforded by Braze Themes. Your personal information and activity logs to date will be shared with the relevant authorities to enable the subsequent investigative process.

When Braze Themes Detects Unacceptable Use

20. If we suspect that any of our products or services are being used for purposes we consider unacceptable, the individual or business in question will usually be given the opportunity to address the issue before further action is taken.

21. Our approach to dealing with unacceptable use of our products and services typically takes place as follows:

  1. A formal request will be submitted to the individual in question, outlining our concerns and demanding the removal or modification of the unacceptable content.
  2. If the individual refuses to comply, all cooperation with Braze Themes will be terminated due to a breach of the terms and conditions outlined by the company.
  3. Depending on the nature and severity of the unacceptable use, the issue will be reported to the appropriate authorities if considered necessary.

22. Please note that in serious cases – such as those that involve a clear and obvious breach of applicable law or activity we consider to be dangerous – the matter may be referred directly to the relevant authorities, without notice being provided to the individual or business in question.

Reporting Offensive or Abusive Content 

23. We ask that our customers and website visitors remain as vigilant ss possible to help prevent illegal and immoral activities online. If you come across any content you consider to be abusive, offensive or potentially illegal that concerns one or more of our themes or templates, please contact our customer support team immediately.

24. We also ask that if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the terms and conditions in this document, please seek clarification before using our website for the services we provide. Send us an email at [email protected] with details of your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.